Giovedì 20 settembre 2018
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The Parco Arte Vivente is part of the museum system of contemporary art, already rich and varied, with its own specificity: the analysis and experimentation of the art of living. Built on a former industrial urban area, the museum is a place of exchange, meeting and research on contemporary artistic needs. The PAV, 23,000 square meters of park with artistic-environmental installations and internal exhibition space, offers artistic, cultural and laboratory activities whose methodology takes into account two substantial working practices: the management of workshops by artists present in the Art Program and laboratory actions that go into the process, structure and syntax of the work of art. In this way, the knowledge of which each bearer is activated with the aim of encouraging the active participation of citizens in cultural life, sensitizing to environmental issues through the study and experimentation of the expressive languages ​​of the contemporary.
The laboratory actions, which act within the ethical-aesthetic field of the relationship between nature and its inhabitants, activate concrete ideas and awareness mechanisms that can lead to a real transformation of behaviors and attitudes. The concrete reflection of these participatory actions is manifested through programs carried out in collaboration with the citizens and with local bodies such as schools, civic libraries, day centers, associations, ASL. Accessible to the public with disabilities or psychological distress are accessible routes, from visits to exhibitions to programs in the atelier.
Workshops, workshops, itineraries, public meetings are designed as an in-depth study of the exhibited works, with the aim of facilitating their understanding and contextualization, and can be experienced as real social experiences.

The laboratory proposals are structured in four multidisciplinary fields of investigation: Landscapes, Art and Biology, Hybridizations, Mutant Society.

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