Assedio a logos

Workshop_46/Assedio a λόγος (logos) . Dynamica, nomadic working group

led by Emilio Fantin
February 19-20, 2016

The workshop, in the context of Earthrise exhibition curated by Marco Scotini, has combined the interest that the artist has for agriculture and nature, in relation with art, and for debates and thematic discussions with outcomes experiential and artistic. Fantin presented some of his works on the relationship between art and nature, and he made a further stage of his project Dynamica, a nomadic and lively university, a mobile working group in which themes, analyzes and visions are taken into consideration, in order to dialogue and challenge established paradigms and certainties, and where discussions come to life and are transformed into artistic experiences and moments.
The topic discussed at the PAV was the word itself, the logos: a fascinating and evocative term, susceptible to multiple interpretations, and its relation to the experience of art.