Beyond botany and the promised land

Workshop_39/Al di là della botanica e la terra promessa

led by Fernando Garcìa-Dory
September 26-27, 2014

Facing the workshop with themes such as cultivation of territories as an affective expression of work and as an intraspecie meeting space, sustainable agriculture with a political vision of Agroecology (looking closely at the life and work of Prof. George Chan), are the possible alternatives to post-colonial systems have been analyzed. So thanks to the visit to the Botanical Garden of Turin, observating the different species of plants present, the extent of those historical relationships linked to the domination of the territories has been deepened, favoring an anti-botany exercise then carried out by the group in laboratory. Through the real-drawing of plants we ​​tried to understand the metabolic assimilation of edible species through different cooking techniques.



Al di là della botanica e la terra promessa, colore, 4’48”
led by Ferdinando Garcia-Dory, PAV / Attività Educative e Formative