led by Andrea Caretto/Raffaella Spagna
June 19, 2016
In the green area of PAV, Andrea Caretto and Raffaella Spagna share with public a new phase of the artistic project Epiderma, which investigates the skin as an organ through which exchanges of matter occur between human body and environment. With Epiderma, project started in 2011, Caretto | Spagna invited the participants to experience their skin as an organ by which substances coming from the external environment enter our body, meaning the skin as a membrane that separates us from the world, but which also puts us in relation with it as a permeable surface for the substances with which it comes into contact. For artists, therefore, physical contact takes place through the skin, as an experiential channel of the relationship Human Being – Plant Organism – Environment.
During the activity different preparations have been created (poultices, oleoliths, ointments, creams, vegetable powders, etc.). The raw materials were collected between the spontaneous vegetation of the PAV and the herbs grown in the collective garden created by the groupLibera Scuola del Giardino.
Local and experimental productions are part of theInternational Village Shop, network launched since 2007 by the collective Myvillages, which combines temporary or permanent platforms for the exchange of local products and conformed as an international network spread in rural and urban areas.