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Navjot Altaf, Samakaalik

Earth Democracy and Women Liberation


November 2nd, 2019
6.30 pm

Curated by Marco Scotini

On Saturday November 2nd 2019, within the frame of Artissima, PAV Parco Arte Vivente will be presenting Samakaalik: Earth Democracy and Women Liberation, first-ever solo show in Italy of Indian artist Navjot Altaf (Meerut, 1949). Samakaalik, curated by Marco Scotini, represents a new chapter in a series of exhibitions, inaugurated last year by the Chinese artist Zheng Bo, focused on the relationship between artistic practices and ecological thought in the Asian continent.

With Ravi Agarwal before, and now with Navjot Altaf, the attention is put once again on the Indian subcontinent, a particularly significant context as regards the exploitation of people and natural resources. Altaf, who is politically engaged since the 1970s – she took part in the Marxist collective PROYOM –, brings to PAV her research which enlaces simultaneously (samakaalik) struggles for environment protection and feminist movement, an intersectional branch of ecofeminism that Bina Agarwal defined as “feminist environmentalism”. Her works tell us about mining exploitation and intensive farming, heavy industry and deforestation, reflecting on the cultural sovereignty of indigenous communities, in fight against the State authority and multinationals.


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