led by Laura Viale
July 13-14, 2013
The Inframondo project, conceived by the artist in 2012 for some lava caves of Etna, is proposed at the PAV in the form of a workshop. After the first day, introduced by theoretical contents and experimentation with tools and materials, Sunday was dedicated to the field output, between chestnut and beech woods in the village of Mezzenile where, at an altitude of 825 meters, there is a complex hypogeum site for a collective exploration. The visit to the cave of Pugnetto was led by the speleologists of the CAI Lanzo; at the end the artistic exercise of wall drawings made with the frottage technique, took place directly in the natural environment.


Inframondo, DVD video color, 14’45”
led by Laura Viale, PAV / Attività Educative e Formative