Nati con la Cultura

Nati con la Cultura is a project born in 2014 from a project conceived at Sant’Anna di Torino – the largest and oldest gynecological and obstetric hospital in Europe – from Fondazione Medicina a Misura di Donna Onlus in collaboration with Museo Civico d’Arte Moderna to build a path that associates the moment of motherhood and fatherhood with an educational opportunity, to accompany the parental role.

The cultural passport for each new born, allows a free entry to the museum belonging to the project to the child with the family nucleus (up to 2 people) up to the completion of his first year of age.


Download the Passaporto Culturale or come to take it directly during your visit to PAV.


nati con la cultura


Why is it important for the baby?

Because every baby can become part of a cultural citizenship
Culture is a resource for good growth and …

  1. the museum is a place of citizenship and aggregation
  2. the museum is a living space
  3. the museum is a cozy home
  4. the museum is an experience
  5. the museum is a community
  6. you can interact with museum staff
  7. there’s always someone who can help you
  8. you can discover services for you and your kids
  9. you can make new experiences with your kids
  10. you can keep in touch with the museum after your visit
  11. the museum is a loving place, a very rich puzzle at your disposal

For further info download the Manifesto per le Famiglie