Park Regulation


In implementation of the measures to be adopted by the provision of the public security authority (Reg. Of Urban Police, Regulation of the Public and Private Green), in order to guarantee the security conditions in the park and in particular in the external areas (PAV Green Area ) Parco Arte Vivente has adopted the following Regulations, to which the visitors’ public will have to follow during the access and stay inside the Park itself.



Inside the PAV there are artistic installations that are not configured as elements of urban furniture or equipment for outdoor or recreational play areas. Therefore, the exploration of artistic installations – if interested – is allowed only by requesting the accompaniment of PAV mediators. The museum management assumes no responsibility for damage caused by failure to comply with the following rules, either to the offender or to third parties.
It’s forbidden to climb on the artistic installations and to carry out any action that could put in danger one’s own or others’ safety, as well as damage the works themselves.
Children must be supervised by adults during their stay inside the Park and are considered under their custody.
The access to the play area and the use of the equipment inside the park can be done in compliance with the instructions given in the signs and placards posted on the equipment.

People and their clothes, bags, backpacks and any other object can be subjected to security checks and inspections at the entrance, before accessing the Park, and inside the Park. For security control and inspection we mean (1) a limited control over the person of the visitor, in order to ascertain the possible presence of objects potentially suitable for offending or damaging the safety of others or damaging goods and property, (2) inspection of bags, backpacks, bags, cases, etc., and of other personal objects held by the visitor himself, also through the use of metal detectors. With the request for access to the Park and / or with the purchase of the entrance ticket, the visitor accepts without reserve that security checks are carried out on his person, on his clothes, backpacks, containers, bags or other objects held by him, in compliance with the law and with the provisions of these Regulations. The Parco Arte Vivente staff reserves the right to deny entry to persons wishing to prevent the checks and inspections referred to above, subject to reporting the facts to the competent authority.

Access to the Park is forbidden to people with objects having large dimensions such as, for example, trolleys, fridge bags, suitcases, trolleys, excluding strollers, baby carriages or similar for the transport of children or disabled people. The Park reserves the right to restrict access to any type of bag, suitcase or other container as well as its contents.

Bags, backpacks and objects of any kind are not allowed to be left unattended. Objects found unattended or unattended by Park staff will be checked and taken to the Park offices, where they can be picked up. In this case the legitimate owner of these objects can not make any claim or request against the Park.

The entrance to the Park or the stay inside it is not allowed to the holders of weapons, knives, sticks or offense instruments, even if only potential, as well as to the holders of alcoholic beverages, drugs and / or narcotic substances, to persons misrepresented or with a covered face.



  • damage vegetation and artistic installations
  • introduce or circulate with motor vehicles and bicycles, skateboards, skates, etc …
  • introduce drones, toys and devices with remote control
  • play ball and make games that can disturb other visitors or cause damage to the works
  • admission to dogs in the park
  • throw waste on the ground
  • set the fire
  • introduce glass objects in the park
  • to smoke



Violators will be subject to the application of administrative sanctions according to the provisions in force.

Reference standards and regulations:
Polizia Urbana regulation (artt. 7,9,15,53); Public and Private Green regulation (artt. 80,83,85); Urban Waste Management Regulations (artt. 29,35)