Segni d’incontro

Workshop_32/Segni d’incontro

led by Agostino Ferrari and Nja Madhaoui
April 7, 2013
Meeting signs, a “four-handed” performance by Agostino Ferrari and the Tunisian artist and calligrapher Nja Mahdaoui, was held in February 2012 at the National Center d’Art Vivant in Tunis, in collaboration with the Italian Institute of Culture. On the occasion of that event, and just over a year after the start of the “Arab Springs”, the performance saw for the first time the two artists meet and give life to a hybrid work, the result of an artistic practice from the different roots, which brought together the expressiveness of the two cultures in a universal synthesis. In parallel to the performance, and in collaboration with the Associazione Dal Segno alla Scrittura, a participatory artistic action was held in the center of Turin, through which the public was able to find their own space of expression within a choral dimension of laboratory.


Segni d’incontro, in collaboration with Associazione Dal Segno alla Scrittura
Piazza Carlo Alberto, Torino, Colore, 4’47”, PAV / Attività Educative e Formative