Wild Energies

Workshop_40/Wild energies: wind, fire and moving people

led by Marguerite Kahrl and Marjetica Potrc
March 20-21, 2015

The fortieth workshop by PAV was the occasion to involve members of local communities united for the development of a membership project, beyond social and cultural divisions. The artists have promoted a field project together with the residents to show the strength of the neighborhood and start a transition to a resilient community model.
A Permaculture Map has been created with the aim of building a new awareness to achieve a more sustainable existence in an ever-changing area. Permaculture aims to trace the natural and wild energy that passes through the territory, including the winds flow, environmental noises, waterways, people and plants in the neighborhood. Its planning methods can be used to improve the quality, productivity and creativity of our life, community and environment.
The workshop is an ongoing project that gave life to the group Con MOI


Wild Energies: vento, fuoco e persone in movimento, colore 4’25”
led by Marguerite Kahrl and Marjetica Potrc, PAV / Attività Educative e Formative