Rudimental exercises

Workshop_57/Rudimental Exercises

Active listening exercises and relationship between sound, space and movement
Led by Enrico Malatesta

Sunday, September 16
2.00 – 6.00 pm

Rudimental exercises is a collection of constantly evolving exercises according to the author’s research and the transmission potential that it produces. The intent is to present a survey device that uses the body’s vulnerability to broaden the active listening modes and the relationship between sound, space, and motion.
rudimentary exercises, through an open practice, exposes the listener to the encounter with what surrounds him and, restoring vitality to the sound, nourishes the attention and the availability of intuition to make the aural experience habitable.
rudimential exercises are presented through informal performances, spatial practices and exercises dedicated to the relationship between sound, space and body.
It is aimed at anyone who is interested in using the body as a means of listening, searching and extending the perceptual and moving capacity in relation to sound and space; Through simple experiences of listening and action, the listener is placed in a condition of openness and interchange with what surrounds him, with his surroundings, starting from the vitality of the sound to activate a habitability of the space that, in becoming, is defined By the performer’s movement.

The workshop includes active listening exercises useful to investigate, starting from the observation, the relationship between the performer and the acoustic phenomena, the production of sound and the structure of the body as a function of sound, restoring to the experience mobility and Intensity in order to improve the attentional structure of the participants and to broaden the modes of listening.
The activity is aimed at performers, actors, dancers, musicians, researchers and theorists interested in the relationship between sound, space and body and how to listen.

The participation to the workshop is free.
Mandatory registration: online form


Rudimental exercises – image © Clio Casadei

Rudimental exercises – image © Clio Casadei