Storie di cose

Workshop_53 / Storie di cose

Led by Uriel Orlow
March 2018

The workshop started with a guided tour by the artist through his personal exhibition, What Plants were Called Before they Had a Name (What plants were called before they had a name), proposing to the visitors a narrative related to the botanical world and to the use of the plants-from South Africa to Europe-as witnesses of the history and element of connection between the nature and the human beings, between the medicine Traditional and allopathic, between the past and modernity.
In the laboratory the participants interacted with objects with a particular affective value, brought by each of them, which became means of narration and were analyzed and approached through techniques of observation and storytelling group.
As in the case of the exhibition, in which the works, even in their autonomy, conversed in the form of exploded narrative, the objects taken in analysis revealed the complex lattice of relations between material goods, “things”, and our society, examining the relationship Existing between the object and its user.

At the end of the workshop, the artist held the lecture Grey, Green, Gold, evoking the garden that Nelson Mandela and his reclusive companions took care of during the 18 years of their imprisonment in Robben Island prison.